Tuesday, March 10, 2009

M&M Play Date: Minnehaha Park

This afternoon after our last Mom Baby Connection class, where we had a GREAT Gymboree demonstration, Charlotte and I met the M&M’s for lunch in the park.

Maite found this location which was recently renovated to include new equipment and Astroturf. Lunch was so much fun but we did find that none of the kids wanted to drink from their own sippy cups – only each other’s! Charlotte enjoyed testing the freedom of the gated park as well as the feel of the Astroturf under her bare feet. Most of the area was shaded BUT when she would spend too much time on hot Astroturf she would stop in her tracks, look for me and cry until I picked her up. Charlotte was just so funny with her determination to be on her own with her own agenda and then all of the sudden she would look for Mommy to help her. It was really sweet. We loved this park and will be back soon!

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La Familia Crespo said...

we had a great time with you ladies! Would love to see the 2 of you soon!