Saturday, March 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Brianna

This afternoon Charlotte and I were able to attend a first birthday party at Gymboree for her friend Brianna.

Brianna’s mom, Ramena, and I met and became friends at the Mommy & Me classes. This means the girls have known each other since they were six months old! Some of the other M&M mom/babies were also there to share in the fun too. We had so much fun at Brianna’s party with all of the other kids and moms – most of the dad’s opted to stay in the waiting area! Charlotte LOVED the songs and games. She was laughing and clapping while the instructor led us through fun activities with a parachute and bubbles. Charlotte even tried her hand at the balance beam – says a lot since she is really just now getting the hang of walking on her own in the last month. Brianna was so cute when it came time to sing Happy Birthday and eat her cake. Ramena was trying to get her interested in the cake but all Brianna wanted to do was play with her ball and so she started crying because her mom kept her from playing when she was supposed to be eating her cake! It was so funny for all the guests! The party was so much fun that I hope to get Charlotte enrolled in some classed at Gymboree – she would LOVE that.

Happy 1st Birthday Brianna! Thanks for including us in your big celebration.

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