Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Crafting: Cupcake Tree Part II

Finally, the finished cupcake tree! This is the one project so far that has thrown me for a bit of a creative loop. If you read the first post you know that I have not been particularly happy with the covers for the cake boards themselves. I racked my brain and really never came up with a good retrofit solution – I have plenty of ideas on how to do this better the next time, but nothing to make what I have now better. I decided to just let that imperfection go, all based on keeping my sanity and getting onto the other projects on my plate. Anyway the next problem involved the trim for the boards. After the ribbon suggestion from the web tutorial failed, I decided to use crape paper fringe. Only, when I went back to the store to buy it – no one could find it. This solution, I believe, would have really been adorable and gets added to list of things to do next time. But never fail, I came up with something else, wired marabou trim. It’s a little more fru fru (and, yes I do LOVE that band) than I was intending but it does the job and looks super cute.

The plan for this is to put cupcakes on the bottom and middle tiers and then put Charlotte’s tiny bunny cake on top. The cupcakes will be adorned with pink and orange sprinkles and circle toppers (see previous post) I created last month as well as letter candles to say “Happy 1st Birthday”. I am hoping this will be a great decorative/eatable centerpiece for the party and not be TOO MUCH – only time will tell. My Mom has offered to make Charlotte’s 3D bunny, thank God, and my friend Marcie and I will bake cupcakes on Friday and decorate them on the Saturday before the party. This is in an attempt to minimize last minute projects (read: STRESS) on Sunday.

Will post pictures of the whole shebang after the party – let me know what you think!

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La Familia Crespo said...

I think they look great Erin! Don't be so hard on yourself! And make sure you ladies get started even before you think you'll have enough time because I thought I was doing good until I found my self still whipping up frosting about an hr before the party. CRAZY!