Sunday, February 15, 2009

Charlotte’s 1st Birthday Party: Decorations

Here are some pictures of the party decorations for Charlotte’s 1st Birthday Party. This will give you an idea of how all of the “projects” looked together. I think they really added to the festive mood of the day and I know we were pleased with the results. I LOVE to do this kind of thing and wish I could figure out how to make a living planning fun events.

Wayne and I MUST thank so many people for their contributions to the decorations, from creative advice, creations and set up. My mom was so instrumental in the whole process in her advice, help and especially making the ADORABLE 3-D bunny cake for Charlotte. Her cake was the centerpiece of the whole party. She helped with so many of the projects you see but most especially she made sure Charlotte got a good nap, bath and lunch before her big party. That allowed Wayne and I to finish up last minute projects and decorate the park – barely – before the party started. Sonia, Gwen, Rosie and Brandon brought drinks AND helped set up. Holly and Justin came through ONCE AGAIN by helping us to load the cars, make fruit kabobs, transport everything to and from the party and set up (oh yah, bringing Wayne and I Mt. Dew to get us going – they know us SO WELL). Marcie, Ryan, Tyler and Cameron also allowed themselves to be bossed around about the “proper” location of every party decoration AND helped with a SMILE. Sancha and Erik brought their ball house, tunnel and even some cheese balls to share – I am sure every parent will agree that those three things were the hit of the party for the kids. Kevin entertained Charlotte and Grace, helped bring all the fun gifts home AND unloaded two cars full of supplies. So you can see, things could not have happened without the selfless support of our family and friends. Once again I am reminded of (our Wedding, anyone?) how lucky our little family is. How fortunate Charlotte is especially to have family and friends who love her and are so willing to lend a hand to make her special day even more amazing.


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