Saturday, January 17, 2009

Orchid In Bloom

I thought I’d share pictures of one of my Orchid plants that is in bloom. This is the craziest plant which I inherited from the houses previous owner. I think the plant used to hang in the tree by my front walkway and must have literally gotten so big that it broke the hanger. I uncovered it, growing into the ground, right before Charlotte was born and we were doing a lot of yard work in preparation for a serious lull in garden upkeep. Anyway it was living under an overgrown bush so I pulled the roots out of the ground and moved it more into the light. Anyone who know orchids know how strange it is for one to be growing in soil. At this point it is too big to be a hanging plant anymore – truly if I had the skill it could probably be separated into four or five different plants!!! I really did not do much over the last year or so - can't take much credit for this amazing bloom. Anyway, imagine my surprise when, in the midst of a (painfully) cold snap, this tropical plant is blooming like CRAZY! Lucky me I get to enjoy it right by my front door every day.

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THE PARKER'S said...

Did you cover them up last night??? I hope they survive the freeze.