Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Dinner

After our naps, sorry to the “boys” (our cats) and “girls” (our dogs), we didn’t have the energy to let you open your stockings; we headed over to my Dad’s house for Christmas Dinner. And, oh my God we were on time for this too – MUST be Christmas!

Anyway because we were on time we were able to visit more with my Kate, Dad and Leigh for a little while – Pat had to go to his Dads house. This was especially nice because when the house fills up for family events it gets really chaotic and you hardly ever get to finish a thought. As the gang piled in we totaled 11 adults and 4 children. Thanks to my Dad and Leigh we had a WONDERFUL dinner especially the roast beast and potatoes casserole. My mom also contributed her famous refrigerator rolls and we decimated the TWO HUGE pans she provided. Wayne says “The rolls were awesome and we should have taken more home with us.” I swear he married me to get constant access to my moms baking. Otherwise it was just a fun, if loud, time to visit with each other and watch the kids try to tear the house down!

I really treasure this time with my family – even if I never finish any of the conversations or ever get to ask that “one” question – we are together and you can’t ever spend enough time in the company of people you love!

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