Saturday, October 25, 2008

Charlotte At 8 Months Old

Charlotte Morgan Chambers At 8 Months Old

* Nick Name: Charlotte Bunny
* Eye Color: Greenish Gray
* Words: Really Da-Da is the only thing she says and although she has been saying that for a few months it’s becoming less and less indiscriminate.
* Favorite Song: She likes to hear any kind of music and shakes her head to “dance”. Daddy hums video game theme songs to her, puts her right to sleep! Mommy is still trying to remember the words to all the popular baby songs but also sings Charlotte songs from the 50’s.
* Favorite Game: “I’m Gonna Get You” which is our version of warning her that the tickle fest is about to begin. She also likes Peek-A-Boo and over the last two months has gotten so good at this that when you put the blanket over her head she pulls it off SO FAST it’s hard to get “Where is Charlotte?” out before she has the blanket off.
* Firsts This Month: Two front bottom teeth, waiving, crawling (with one knee and one foot), leaning toward you if she wants you to hold her and pulling up on EVERTHING and EVERYONE!
* Smiles When: Someone sneezes, she is happy, on the spot if she sees Mommy, Daddy, Nanny or Grandma.
* Favorite Activity: Eating the remote, Erin’s phone, Wayne’s glasses, etc.
* Size Clothing: We just started to pull out the twelve month size clothes. As per usual with Charlotte we find that the torso length is a better fit in the next size up. So nine month size is a little tight and twelve month size is a bit baggy. Pant size is now the same as the rest of her clothes (before she was running one size smaller in pants).
* Sleep Schedule: We can tell that Charlotte is in a transitional stage or is it teething? Either way she changes her “schedule” for naps everyday…luckily the overnights are still solid. She is starting to get up a little earlier but we think that has more to do with time change. Luckily she wakes up happy – rarely cries right off – and will play in her crib for at least an hour before she decides it’s time to get out of her wet diaper!
* Doesn’t Like: To be “stuck” anywhere that keeps her from exploring
* Cries When: She is tired, hungry or her teeth hurt
* Must Have Travel Item: Duck lovie blanket
* Eating: A lot of stage two and three baby foods. She is up to three “solid food” meals a day (between one and a half and two jars each meal). Charlotte is starting to lose interest in her formula, down to about three eight ounce bottles each day, which we have to encourage her to eat. At least she has mastered holding her bottle and feeding herself! However, if you just give it to her and walk away she will get distracted and “forget” to finish eating.

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