Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Doctor Visit, Photo Shoot & Lunch

This morning Wayne and I took Charlotte to the Doctor for her first sick visit. We initially made the appointment thinking she had allergies because she was congested, sneezing a lot and had some nasal dripping. But Dr. Fisk said she was starting to get an ear AND nasal infection! Even though she was getting sick, you would not have known it because she acted normally and was as sweet as ever. Poor Baby! The doctor congratulated us for keeping her healthy for so long and said that with antibiotics the infections would not have time to take hold before going away. Charlotte was weighed and is already 17 pounds and 11 ounces!

Well the day just continued to stay busy as Charlotte and I were scheduled to take mom/baby photos at our Mother Baby Connection class today. I felt a little guilty taking her right after finding out she has and ear infection and nasal infection but we’d RSVP’d and she seemed fine. So I got Charlotte all dressed up in this cute outfit from Auntie Rosie. It is a two piece outfit embroidered on the edges with hearts and flowers, just adorable on her. Of course with Murphy’s Law, Charlotte – who really does not spit up that often, spit up ALL OVER her cute outfit. Luckily I packed a back up that we were able to take pictures in. It’s not as cute but worked in a pinch. Well have to try Rosie’s outfit another time!

After class Melissa, Rider, Charlotte and I had a fun lunch together even if the location left a lot to be desired!

I am including a picture of Charlotte and Gabriella at class, Charlotte is wearing her cute outfit from Auntie Rosie. The black and white picture is one taken during the photo shoot.

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The Parkers said...

great pic of you two!!! so sad she was a little sick. but great this is the 1st time!