Thursday, September 25, 2008

Charlotte At 7 Months Old

Charlotte Morgan Chambers At 7 Months Old

Nick Name: Charlotte Bunny
Eye Color: Leaning more toward greenish gray
Feature most like dad: Quizzical eyebrow raise
Feature most like mom: Smile
Firsts this month: Sitting up all by herself, with a pillow behind her “just in case”. Rolling to get around – EVERYWHERE! Pulling up to knees and feet in her crib – had to lower the crib to the next setting! Pushing up to her knees and rocking a few times.
Smiles when: Anytime she sees Daddy, Mommy, Nanny or Grandma, Charlotte smiles on the spot. She loves to be tickled and to hear people sneeze.
Favorite activity: She really entertains herself well. The only hitch is if she gets rolling so much she gets herself stuck under a piece of furniture. Then she is NOT a happy camper! Toys she likes right now are a sit up “desk” play center and a play table (that sits on the floor for now) which features signing fruit and soup – don’t ask us?!?
Size Clothing: Charlotte has been wearing nine month onesies for about a month and a half and is now starting to fill them out much more. For pants she has finally caught up and is now almost exclusively wearing size nine months. She just got her first pair of jeans and looks adorable in them! Charlotte has worn “real” shoes, in size two, a few times.
Sleep Schedule: Basically taking two naps a day, not counting quick cat naps in the car. Still sleeps thru the night from about 9pm to 8am. She really likes to snuggle with Daddy at the end of the night while he hums video game theme songs to help her settle down. We recently moved her swing into her bedroom and use that sometimes to help settle her down if the video game humming is not quite enough.
Doesn’t like: To be “stuck” on the changing table for very long and pushes herself into a sitting position at every opportunity – it’s a pain! She also did not like her few first tastes of chicken.
Cries when: She is overtired from not taking a nap, hungry, bored with what she is doing or stuck from rolling.
Must have travel item: She cannot be without her duck lovie blanket. Aunt Sancha gifted the lovie at Erin’s Baby Shower and we recently started giving it to Charlotte. Now when she sees it she starts reaching for the blanket and kicking her legs. Still loves the frog activity bar that attaches to her infant carrier (Thanks again “Aunt Lauren”).
Eating: Charlotte is eating solid foods and formula at this point. She has already gone through all the stage one baby foods and like everything but the meats. We just started giving her stage two – we can’t wait to see what she thinks of all the new foods she can try.
Things we find MOST endearing: Her smile, it’s just so precious to see her eyes light up – and impossible to truly capture on film – but it’s getting better. Her laugh is also adorable but very hard won, she doesn’t just laugh at anything, you have to work really hard to get her to do it. But once she does start your day just gets brighter and brighter.
New skills: Charlotte really gets around by rolling and pulling herself everywhere. She started to push up to her knees and rock a little too. Now Charlotte also pulls up in her crib rails and ALMOST pulls up to her feet.

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