Monday, August 11, 2008

Poor Little Nectarine

So today Charlotte was grabbing for my mom’s nectarine and was actually able to get a two handed grab on it. Grandma was so proud of her strength (those things are actually very heavy for a little baby) and skill she set Charlotte up to recreate the moment for me. Stating emphatically “It’s time to get Charlotte a ball”. Well this time around Charlotte picked up the nectarine with the fruit sticker side facing her. Grandma took the sticker off and Charlotte immediately put the entire nectarine up to her mouth. She just thought it was the BEST thing! It did NOT look appetizing when she was done with it. Charlotte gummed on the thing for five whole minutes, only stopping when we took it away – mid adventure I thought - “I wonder if she is allowed to have nectarines yet”? I looked it up on the computer and even though her doctor would like us to wait until she is six months old to give her “solid” food, nectarines are safe first foods for babies. Whew – crisis averted! This of course does not take into account the fact that we have been randomly giving her rice cereal and “tastes” of food since she turned five months old. Guess Wayne and I will have to face the music at her six month doctor’s appointment at the end of the month. :( Anyway the pictures are so cute because she got little bits of fruit all over herself including on her little nose, she LOVED it and so did Grandma and I!

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Lauren said...

Don't worry, our Dr wants us to start "real" food now, so Liam is already on Apples, Bananas and will start Carrots tomorrow, and has been on rice cereal for a while now.. I think all Drs recommend something different.