Friday, August 1, 2008

Mommy & Me: No WHINE, Wine Night!

So, tonight one of my M&M friends, Sonya, hosted a Mommy & Me: NO Whine, Wine Night. It was as fun and yummy as it sounds! This was the first time we have gotten together without the babies and been able to focus on getting to know each other better. Sonya has a lovely home and was so kind to host all of us – Thanks Sonya! All of these girls are so nice, interesting and funny – we had a great time. I spent so much time laughing at stories from Sonya, Cyndi and Monica my side hurts. This weekend Monica has a birthday so Cyndi made her Birthday Cupcakes and we all surprised Monica with the Happy Birthday song! I had so much fun and cannot wait to do something like this again REAL SOON! I have included some pictures from our night including the beautiful and delicious cupcakes Cyndi made for the occasion!

Wayne was closing so Granddad and GranLeigh were nice enough to come over to the house to sit with Charlotte. I understand that Charlotte was only awake for about a half an hour so, unfortunately, they did not get much quality time with her. She actually slept through the night when we were SURE she would wake up for a late night bottle. This was good for Wayne and I cuz I was tired from partying with the mommies and Wayne had contracted a headache from work!

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Lauren said...

I really like your hair short like that! Very nice... I am definitely getting mine done now. I will be calling you soon to catch up, as soon as my MIL leaves......