Sunday, August 3, 2008

Charlotte's Day With Nanny & Auntie Gwen

Today Charlotte was lucky enough to spend the day with her Nanny and Auntie Gwen, Wayne’s mom and sister.

Gwen said “She is getting so big and learning new things even from just a few weeks ago, i.e., pulling on your hair and grabbing anything in her sight. She is such a good baby. I really enjoy seeing her. She is too precious.”

Gwen was also nice enough to share some of her pictures with us! I am so glad that Charlotte was able to spend the day with them and happy they had a great visit together. Thanks Nanny & Auntie Gwen!

I also want to thank Sonia (Wayne’s mom) for the adorable outfit and toy Charlotte is playing with in the pictures. Big thanks also go to Carla Ward for making the blanket Charlotte is playing on. It is one of many she made for us that we just love and use ALL the time! Thank you ladies!

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CasuallyDrowned said...

I love Charlotte's expressions on her face. They are so poetic sometimes. Any by poetic, I mean she looks like she is either quoting poetry or coming up with it on the spot. So cute.