Saturday, August 23, 2008

Charlotte At 6 Months Old

Charlotte Morgan Chambers At 6 Months Old

  • Nick Name: Charlotte Bunny (Funny Bunny has not been used as much in the last month or so)
  • Eye Color: ?
  • Feature most like dad: Nose
  • Feature most like mom: Smile
  • Firsts this month: Sitting up with very little assistance. Doing abdominal crunches to pull herself into a sitting position.
  • Smiles when: Anytime she sees Daddy or Mommy gives her a big smile and talks to her in a high pitched voice. Grandma tickles her with the “Grandma Claw”!
  • Favorite activity: She does pretty well with playing by herself and really likes her activity center, walker or playing on the floor with this neat flexible orb toy she has.
  • Size Clothing: Charlotte has been wearing nine month onesies for about two weeks. They end up being big around the middle but “just right” in length. For pants she is wearing size six months – nine month size just fall off of her. She has worn “real” shoes, in size two, a few times.
  • Sleep Schedule: One to three naps a day anywhere from thirty minutes to two hours. Recently – to her parent’s dismay - she has only been taking one nap a day! Still sleeps thru the night from about 9pm to 8am. She really likes to snuggle with Daddy at the end of the night while he hums video game theme songs to help her settle down.
  • Doesn’t like: To be left alone for very long - she seems to play better by herself if she can see that someone is in the room. If Charlotte is “alone” for too long she will start to fuss until you pass by her that alone will usually calm her down.
  • Cries when: She is overtired from not taking a nap, hungry or bored with what she is doing.
  • Must have travel item: Still the frog activity bar that attaches to her infant carrier (Thanks again “Aunt Lauren”). For overnight trips her activity pad is a must (Thanks Katy)!
  • Eating: Charlotte is on formula and has four bottles a day. Her morning bottle is between 8 and 12 ounces, throughout the day the rest of the bottles are 8 ounces each. We started giving her tastes of rice cereal at about 5 months. At this point we have moved on to rice cereal mixed with prune juice, peaches and butternut squash. So far she likes it all and we look forward to her reactions as we try new foods in the future.
  • Things we find MOST endearing: Her smile, it’s just so precious to see her eyes light up – and impossible to truly capture on film. Her laugh is also adorable but very hard won, she doesn’t just laugh at anything, you have to work really hard to get her to do it.
  • New skills: Charlotte knows her own name! It’s awesome to see her turn her body all the way around to look at whoever has called her name! We are also working on having her sit up on her own, which has been hard because she would rather just stand up. Surprisingly she can use things around her to pull herself up to a sitting position but doesn’t really care for the actual sitting up part. She has great hand eye coordination and transfers things from hand to hand. Instead of swatting at something she wants she puts her whole body into it and reaches with her hand opening and closing. She has also been “talking” for quite a while now – and she is LOUD! Favorite thing to say – to Wayne’s delight - is “DaDa”! She usually says it over and over then adds some other sounds in the middle then back to DaDa!


gwen said...

She is a chatterbox! I have to thank you and commend you for keeping the blog up to date with comments, graphs, polls etc.! Wow! It is a regular smorgesborg(?) of Charlotte information and cuteness. She is as cute as a button.

La Familia Crespo said...

Yea Charlotte! Half way there to a year!! It's all so exciting!