Friday, July 25, 2008

RPP&TL Legislative Update Seminar

Well my day really never “started” as Thursday never “ended”. At the last minute Thursday night we realized that some of the duplicate registrations never printed and with the limited printer capacity fixing this problem literally took ALL night. I guess I could have slept for a two hours but then I would NEVER have woken up for my 5am shower. Luckily, Wayne and Charlotte were able to sleep through all my late night bumbling around. The only thing that would have made it worse would have been waking the baby, and then trying to get her RE-settled!!!

Sheila, my mom and executive assistant, and I were VERY busy this morning registering 500 people for the seminar. Luckily we had help from the LU Committee members and Florida Bar staff. It’s a quick process but there are always people who forget their paperwork and need a little extra attention. Attention which is in short supply with so many other people trying to pull you in different directions. Let’s just say we ordered breakfast to be delivered in the registration room at 6:15am and I did not get a chance to eat it until 10am or so! I took a picture of the meeting room so everyone could kind of see what it is we do…kinda.

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