Sunday, July 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Kevin

So, tonight Wayne and I dropped Charlotte off at Grandma’s house so we could go to dinner for our friend, Kevin’s birthday! Doug & Brittany set everything up (thanks guys) for Opa at Pointe Orlando. We (Kevin, Brittany, Doug, Steve, Ryan, Marcie, Wayne and I) had a terrific time, the food was yummy and the entertainment was fantastic. They had half the restaurant, including us, get up and dance in some kind of Greek conga line around the other diners and even pulled Kevin ON TOP of our table so everyone could sing him Happy Birthday. The highlight had to be Kevin getting to dance with a belly dancer, hooray beer! We really have a great time with these guys and wish we got to hang out with them more often! Brittany shared some of her great photos with us, so here they are.

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