Saturday, July 26, 2008

Golf and "Lion Taming"

This morning started VERY early for Wayne as he had an 8am tee time with our brother in law, Erik. The guys had a great day – not great shots I understand – but a great time together playing The Breakers Ocean Course. I guess the first half of the day was “warm up” because they re-played it later in the day – when no one was looking!

My day started off much slower… Charlotte slept until about 10am and after yesterday I was in NO HURRY to get her up early. Once I did get myself in gear, Charlotte and I met my mom and nephews in the playroom for a little “play date”. Not that they are of an age to actually interact with each other (Jacob 29 months, Brennan 10 months, Charlotte 5 months) - it was more like lion taming for my mom and I. Each kid was going in a different direction or in Charlotte’s “not very mobile” case, just ending up “almost” in harm’s way every five minutes! But, we did get some cute pictures of them. We decided to go back to my mom’s room to get room service and corral the kids into more of a confined space. I spent a lot of time playing pillow fight with Jake and keeping his attention by doing a photo shoot, then showing him the pictures – that was a real hit.

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