Monday, July 28, 2008

Charlotte's Fist "Real" Meal

Today we decided to move Charlotte up to the #3 nipples for her bottle. For awhile she would eat four 8oz bottles a day with no problem. Recently it has been a struggle just to get her to finish her bottles much less four each day. We suspect it was a combination of Charlotte getting frustrated with not getting her formula fast enough and painful teething. Changing to the faster flow nipple seems to have done the trick.

Since that made such a difference and we are now sure Charlotte is getting enough to eat we decided to try her out on some rice cereal. Her doctors recommended that we wait until she was six months old but after this past week, with her trying VERY HARD to eat our food AT EVERY MEAL, we decided it was time to at least try her out on some “real-ish” food. She did great and we even had to go back to the kitchen to make her some more. Charlotte still needs to get the hang of pushing the cereal to the back of her mouth but as it was she liked it so much she was trying to take the spoon away from us and shove it into her mouth.

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The Parkers said...

Such a big girl! Haidyn was ready for cereal early too!