Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Charlotte's First Taste Of "Real" Food

So in the midst of preparation for our meetings and seminar I needed to pick up a VERY large banner for the seminar today. Coincidentally my sister, Sancha, is the Chair of the RPPTL Committee putting on this program and she also needed to approve the banner. So, the whole group (Sancha, Charlotte, Sheila and I) went to the shop to approve the banner. We decided to stop by one of our favorite restaurants, Vihn’s, on the way back to the office for a yummy lunch. THANKS Sancha! While we were at lunch Charlotte finally started doing something people have been warning me would happen…she started grabbing for our food. We finally gave in and let her suck on a carrot that had been in my dish. I swear, if we did not have our nails dug into one end, she would have sucked the whole thing down her throat! She just loved it. Kinda interesting that the first food Charlotte ever tried was Vietnamese! I wonder if that will become her favorite kind of food in the future...

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