Friday, June 27, 2008

Wayne's New Toy

Tonight Wayne got a new toy! Over the last week he has spent most of his free time searching reviews online and taking trips with Charlotte to check his choices out in person. Although it just came together this week, he has been dying to get a TV for awhile and finally tonight, he was able to make it happen. Wayne was like a kid on Christmas but gets bonus points because Charlotte was not having a good night and he put off setting everything up to take care of her! I have to admit although I was fine with what we already had, this is so nice. With our open floor plan - I especially like the practical things, like the fact that the kitchen and dining room lights do not reflect in the picture. The next step is to install the surround sound system we got as a wedding present. We have been using it on a limited basis but have put off the hard install until we got everything else together so, now’s the time!

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