Monday, May 5, 2008

Out From Under The Fog

Just now (sorta) out from under the fog!

Well ten week old Charlotte is a DREAM we did not fully realize how much we wanted or needed. She has started to SMILE! YA - plus she really gets excited to see us by opening her eyes real bright and kicking her legs. We are so in love with her and just amazed at how happy and brilliant she is. Some of her 3 month clothes do not even fit anymore because she is so tall. On the other hand even though she is still in #1 diapers, its hard to keep pants on her because she is so skinny that they just fall down!!! And STILL she has rolls - it makes no sense?!? Its funny because she really is so sweet and cute but photos just don't do her justice - I know we are biased... Wow, every day she does something so cute it just takes your breath away - I could just gush for hours.

I started back to work today - very sad even though I get to bring her with me! Its not so bad to schlep her around but it is hard not to just stare at her all day. I also start a Mommy & Me group this Wednesday which should be fun. It runs for three months and will give me a chance to spend time and meet other Moms with babies of similar age. Plus I learned so much from the other Moms at the Mother & Baby TEA, which I attended when Charlotte was three and four weeks old, I hope this will be the same.

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